Supported Communication Technologies and Protocols

Various technologies are available that allow communications between BEMOSS™ and associated load controllers in a building. These include wired technologies, like: Power Line Communication (PLC), Ethernet and Serial (RS-485); as well as, wireless ones, like: ZigBee, Wi-Fi, Z-wave and EnOcean.

The full version of BEMOSS™ supports the following prevalent communication technologies: Ethernet (IEEE 802.3), Serial (RS-485), ZigBee (IEEE 802.15.4) and Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11), as summarized in the Table below.

Devices communicating using the same communication technology may utilize different data exchange protocols. For a building energy management system, there are many protocols that are popular or becoming popular. These are open standard protocols like: BACnet, Modbus, KNX, M-bus, Web, OpenADR and Smart Energy (SE), etc.

BEMOSS™ v3.5 supports the following protocols: BACnet, Modbus, Web, OpenADR and SE protocols, as summarized below.