Open Source/ Open Architecture

BEMOSS™ is an open source operating system that is built upon VOLTTRON™ – a distributed agent platform developed by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL). BEMOSS™ is designed to make it easy for hardware manufacturers to seamlessly interface their devices with BEMOSS™


BEMOSS™ is designed to work with load control devices form different manufacturers that operate on different communication technologies and data exchange protocols. These include both new commercially available products that operate on Ethernet and Wi-Fi, as well as legacy devices that operate on serial communications using Modbus RTU and BACnet MS/TP protocols.

Plug & Play

BEMOSS™ is designed to automatically discover supported devices in a building. Once discovered, devices can be monitored and controlled for the desired function.

Cost Effectiveness

BEMOSS™ is built upon a robust open source platform that can operate on a low-cost single-board computer, such as the Odroid. This feature can contribute to its rapid deployment in small or medium-sized commercial buildings

Scalability and Ease of Deployment

With its multi-layer architecture, BEMOSS™ can be initially deployed in one zone, which can be easily expandable to the entire building

Ability to Provide Online Access

BEMOSS™ allows online access for monitoring with role-based access control.


BEMOSS™ utilizes built-in security features provided by VOLTTRON™, and provides enhanced security features for encrypted communications.

Support from the Advisory Committee

BEMOSS™ system architecture has been developed in consultation with an advisory committee from the beginning of the project. As of June 2017, BEMOSS™ advisory committee comprises representatives from 22 organizations from government and industry.